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28 August 2008

Our New Granite Revealed!

We still don't have the plumbing hooked back up or the backsplash in quite yet, but our new granite countertops are in!

Preliminary photos:

Close up:

New stainless undermount sink:

Triple waterfall edge:

We love them! What do you think? :)


Mandy said...

It looks gorgeous!! I bet you are so excited to have it all done! :)

Jenn said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the edge that you chose!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful! I just love granite, esepcially light colored granite. I could be biased because it is very similar to our! :) It looks perfect with your kitchen, congrats!!!

IU_gal said...

Thanks girls! We're very excited about it...now only to finish it! :)

ROXY said...

really great color!! Love the edge you chose!


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