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04 August 2008

My Last 2 Weeks.

I just finished two weeks of work hell. Two hearings and two full day mediations, plus client phone calls after hours and on the weekends. Dealing with divorces and family dramas is exhausting. Seriously, it felt like I had two law school finals weeks in a row. I billed 73 hours in those two weeks, which makes my boss pretty happy. To you 9-5ers that may not seem like a lot, but every lawyer I know will tell you that it takes 8 hours of actually being at work just to bill 6. I'm glad it's over.

So, how did I spend my first relaxing weekend? I could have lounged by the neighborhood pool, taken a relaxing trip to the lake or sipped margaritas at an outdoor cantina, but no. Instead, I spent the weekend helping Ryan stain our fence.

It has become THE summer project of our neighborhood and it absolutely sucks. I think our neighbors will be as happy as we are once it's finished. They will no longer have to hear the annoying sounds of the pressure washer or the paint sprayer. Nor will they have to look at our partially completed project any longer. It would have been done yesterday, but we have officially bought our local Sherwin-Williams out of semi-transparent stain. Since we ran out of stain, tonight was to be the night that we finished the project. Instead, it's supposed to rain every night this week and then we are leaving for a wedding in Chicago on Friday afternoon. I guess the project will have to wait another week. The only good thing about this project is that our fence looks damn good. Even the neighbors think so.

I will post some progress pics once I find that little cord to connect the camera to my computer.



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