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27 August 2008

The Fence Project...Completed!

Remember me talking about the time suckage caused by our fence project? Now that I have access to my camera cord again, I can finally show off the before and after photos.

Keep in mind that this is a 7' red cedar shadow box fence. Approximately 5,000 square feet between the front and back sides. After 24 gallons of stain, 22 rollers, a paint sprayer, hundreds of gallons of water, and roughly 60-70 hours of man power, it's done! And hopefully will not need updated for another 5 years!

The gray section on the left is the weathered cedar (previously what our entire fence looked like) and the section on the right is after a good power washing. The Before:

The during (fence is all power washed and the staining has begun):

Ryan is working hard:
The after!

Ryan and my dad worked so hard (with a teeny bit of help from me!). Thanks guys!


Jenn said...

It looks great!!!

IU_gal said...

Thanks! My husband and Dad worked so hard on it and it was worth it, but I'm so glad it's finished!

kari said...

That looks go awesome!

blondediva said...

It looks really good. Our fence needs that too. I still don't understand how power washing it takes the gray off. Magical.

IU_gal said...

The gray is actually a lot of dirt, grime and grossness...it was disgusting!


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