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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a quiet Valentine's Day celebration at home. Ryan surprised me with beautiful flowers from him and Tyson. We made dinner at home of crab legs, dessert from PFChangs, and I made some delicious cookies to share with my coworkers. I was hoping to get a cute Valentine's Day photo of Tyson, but he was less than cooperative this evening. Hopefully he's in a better mood tomorrow evening.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

08 February 2011

19-21 Months

Dear Tyson-

Wow, buddy, Mama has failed you and I'm sorry. I have not done your monthly update in 3 months! Clearly, you've changed so much in these last 3 months. We've had months of spending time indoors. I know you're as ready as the rest of the folks in the Midwest for the weather to warm up and just waiting for your chance to spend some time outside. You've changed in lots of other ways too.

First of all, you've grown so much! We had your 20 month appointment with Dr. R and you are one big boy. I'm pretty sure you grow taller every single day. I swear just last week you could walk under the bar in the kitchen and now you hit your head if you try to walk under it without ducking. Many of your 18-24 month clothes are starting to get too short, both in the belly and in the legs. Please try to hold on for the rest of the cold weather and not grow too much. Mama wants to start buying cute spring and summer stuff, not more wintery items! Speaking of spring and summer, we'll definitely be moving you into the 2T sizes. You've also gone up one and a half shoe sizes, into a 6.5 and we moved you into a size 5 diaper.

With the exception of your 2 year molars, you have an entire mouth full of baby teeth. We've started brushing your teeth at the sink like big boys do. It's sometimes a challenge to get the brushing done before you try to run away, but you like to take your turn brushing your teeth on your own after Mama is finished *really* brushing them.

Don't worry about that crazy hair and duck tail. We've recently taken care of that too!

We thought your language had exploded a few months ago, but were most definitely mistaken. It's impossible for us to count the number of words you say now, but it has to be in the 100-200 range with new words daily. You've also started repeating what we say, so Mama and Daddy are trying very hard to watch our language around you. You like to point out things that belong to Mama and the things that belong to Daddy throughout the house. We used to read one of your favorite books, Baby's 100 First Words to you and now you nearly read the entire thing to us. We point to a picture and you can tell us what it is. Colors seem to stump you right now though. Depending on the day, you can count to two and recognize a few letters, mostly vowels. I'll credit the Wheel of Fortune for that one. Throughout the day, we have several of the same conversations, but you like to go through the list of your favorite people and ask where they are. Daddy? Brooke? Lauryn? Baby Mo? Reggie? Jaime? Grandma? Pa? Last month, Daddy went on a business trip to Chicago. Every morning, you asked me where Daddy was and I told you he was in Chicago. By the end of the week, you were the one telling me that Daddy was in 'cago. Even now, whenever Daddy is not around when you ask for him, your first question is work? and then 'cago? You are one smart cookie!

We're slowly trying to get you used to the idea that you are going to be a big brother quite soon. There has been quite a bit of work on the nursery that interests you tremendously. Daddy's tools, noises he makes while working and all of the big and little wood pieces are very exciting to look at, point at and touch. You also now know that Mama has a baby in her belly and you try to look for your little sister by pulling up Mama's shirt. So cute.

We've gone on some outings, you've spent lots of time with family and we've spent a lot of time playing and reading. We took you to get your much-needed second haircut and Mama has already started planning your second birthday party. It's going to be here before we all know it, along with your baby sister. You're still a picky eater, but we try to give you a good variety of things we know you'll eat. We switched you to 2% milk and you didn't even notice. All in all, it's been a busy 3 months and we're amazed at how much you've grown and changed.

Helping Daddy cook during our snow day:

Spending lots of time cooped up inside makes us go a little crazy:

But Brooke brings you coloring books (and washable markers!) so you can be entertained. You look entertained by Mama taking your picture:

We love you sweet boy!

Love, Mama and Daddy


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