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13 August 2008

Our Home Improvement Continues!

Last night we made another trip to Lowe's. We went specifically looking for two outdoor light fixtures (one for the service door and the other for our back patio). We found both lights for less than $50! What a bargain!

A light similar to the one we bought for the service door:

A light similar to the one we bought for the back patio, but ours is slightly bigger:

Buying these two fixtures was yet another step in our attempt to completely rid our house of brass. One more brass light fixture to go! And, Ryan and Laura are going green! We bought compact fluorescent light bulbs for the outdoor lights. This is a HUGE step for me. I hate the look of fluorescent lighting. I do not think it's flattering indoors, but I figured I'd give it a try outside. As an additional bonus, we get brighter light for less wattage. Can't beat that! :)

The second thing we searched for at Lowe's was tongue and groove beadboard for the kitchen backsplash. We made the decision to go for the beadboard backsplash and Ryan's uncle Scott is going to help us install it. We had priced out sheets of faux beadboard panels, but Scott suggested the individual planks for a seamless look. I'm very excited to be finishing another element of our kitchen! The only question that remains is how to trim out the beadboard.

We are not doing a backsplash with our granite, so I have been scouring the internet for inspiration photos of beadboard backsplashes, especially those without a separate stone backsplash. What do you think of these options:

Thick molding where the beadboard meets the countertop:

Or thinner shoe molding:

Or no molding:



Kelly said...

I love that first kitchen!

blondediva said...

I would definitely go with #1, the wider moulding. It's the prettiest. Plus, although beautiful, beadboard is a pain in the a** to clean. Trust me. The wider moulding gives you more of a splash guard against things like, grease and spaghetti sauce. You wouldn't want to see spaghetti sauce stains in the crevices of that nice white backsplash.

Jenn said...

Hi - I just ran across your blog. I love the lighting you chose. I also agree with the pp, the first kitchen is to die for. I love the thick molding.

IU_gal said...

Thanks for the comments everyone...it sounds like the consensus is the thick base moulding. :)

hopefuls #1 said...

I like the wider moulding. The little moulding looks cheap to me and the no moulding looks okay but I just fear that food and water would get under it easier.

Just my opinion.

The thick moulding is very nice!

kari said...

I like kitchen #1, it's gorgeous.

Melissa said...

I vote #1 as well, but #2 would be a close second. It just looked more finished to have molding.


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