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25 August 2008

Kitchen Destruction!

On Friday, Ryan, his dad and his uncle removed our old countertops and unhooked all of the plumbing to get ready for the granite install on Wednesday.

As a result, we have been living without a functional kitchen since then and we will continue to do so at least until this Thursday. It's going to be worth it!

I can't believe they removed it all in one piece! The old countertop and sink is being re-purposed in the basement renovation of my in-laws' lake house.

The current state of our kitchen:

Our range is temporarily sitting in the corner of the kitchen. It had to be removed to fit in the granite without damaging it. Can you see little Baxter next to it wondering what the heck is going on in his house?

See these brackets? They did not use to be there...our old bar overhang did not have any additional support, but the granite installers recommended that we support the slab if the overhang is more than 10".
I went to a kitchen store that sells our cabinets to order some corbels for the supports. 2 corbels were going to cost $425! So, after I got the scoop from them on what we needed, we bought unfinished wood brackets at Lowe's and stained them to match the cabinets ourselves. Not bad, huh? My aunt did not realize that they were new additions!

We went to the warehouse to visit our granite slab on Saturday and we couldn't be more excited about it! The slab is exactly the color we ordered and the edging looks fantastic! 3 days to go...


blondediva said...

They did a nice job tearing it out. Can't wait to see pictures of the completed project!

kari said...

I can't wait to see it all finished.


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