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20 August 2008


For those that know Ryan, you know that he knows exactly what is going on with every aspect of our money at any point in time. Even though I make fun of him endlessly for our family month-end close, I appreciate his efforts and that he looks out for our future.

For that very reason, Ryan has been calculating our 2008 tax liability already. We both started fabulous new jobs in June that brought pay increases (yay!), but it also brings more taxes (boo!). Last week he calculated that we would owe roughly $8,000 in taxes next year if we continued on our current path. Yikes! Since Ryan is an accountant, but not the kind that does taxes, we opted to meet with a tax and financial planner.

Today, we met with Jason, the tax planner. I left the meeting unhappy. For the remainder of the year, I get to have NO fun. No extra spending money and no shopping because virtually all of my paychecks need to go into my 401k for the rest of the year in an attempt to defer taxable income. For those who are wondering, I was contributing to a 401k at my old law firm and my new firm is so brand new that we don't have a 401k plan set up until September. Oh, and on top of having no money of my own for the rest of the year, we will still owe roughly $3,000 in taxes in April.


In my world, there has to be something we can do about this...anything at all. But no, not for us. Jason's only response was to have some kids. Those are great little tax deductions, but too bad the tax benefit does not come close to how expensive they will be.

Good-bye to decorating my new work office, my home office, and everything else. The rest of the year is going to be no fun. Ryan knew I was unhappy and as he kissed me good-bye and we parted ways in the parking lot, his only words to me: "vote Republican".




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