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27 January 2009

23 and 24 Weeks and Viability Day!

I've been kind of bad at updating lately. I guess not having any new fruits the past 2 weeks have messed me up!

At 24 weeks, the baby is considered viable outside of the womb and has a 40-70% chance of survival. Obviously, a baby that small would require a lot of medical attention for a long while, but at least he would have a fighting chance of survival.

We had our second ultrasound on January 19 and it is confirmed that we are having a boy! Everything looks good, but I will have to have another ultrasound at some point because they still could not get great photos of the attachment of the cord to the placenta. Baby is doing well, but he's a little on the small side for now. He weighed 1 lb. 5 oz. at the second ultrasound and he's in the 38th percentile for growth. His heartrate was 156 beats per minute. The doctor said everything else looks great! I only have one more 4 week appointment and then I start going every 2 weeks. That means I'm quickly nearing the end!

In other news, Ryan finally felt the baby kick! Our little guy is moving around so much that he kept me from falling asleep last night. His little kicks are getting stronger and stronger almost by the day.

I did not take a 24 week photo, but here is my belly at 23 weeks:


Immortal Beloved said...

I know, I miss your fruit posts. :)


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