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10 October 2008

Football Weekend, Here We Come!

Like every other weekend of an IU home game, we will be heading to Bloomington. Ryan likes going to the games much better this year because now he has a designated driver! However, it is supposed to be 83 and sunny in Bloomington tomorrow. That sounds all good and well, but our seats are in the hot blazing sun all afternoon and I'm really not looking forward to being hot. Nausea and sweating do not mix well together!

Sunday, we are taking our first trip to the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium to watch our beloved Colts! I'm excited for this game, mostly because our seats are AMAZING! We won them at a charity auction several weeks ago and it should be fun. Let's hope the Colts can win their first game in this brand new $720 million dollar stadium!


Jenna said...

Fun! We almost bought tickets to go to the Colts game, but decided against it since the seats were in the nosebleed section. Enjoy the game, and fingers crossed for a Colts win!


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