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08 July 2008

So late!

I'm embarrassed to admit that it's been nearly a month since I last wrote here...my life in a nutshell in the last month:

1. My husband and I both started new jobs
2. I see Ryan now more than ever and we're both taking some time to get to know each other again
3. We've been to the lake for 3 weekends and it's been wonderful each and every visit
4. I've seen Sex and the City twice
5. I have spent a few days in Louisville
6. I spent a few more days in Chicago catching up with great friends
7. Baxter is still as lazy as ever
8. My house could use a good cleaning
9. I have hardly seen my house except to sleep
10. I have made some really great new friends
11. I bought a few new things for the house and some new summer clothes for myself
12. I decided to start a food diary
13. I am exhausted.


G+D said...

Wow, busy girl! Hope the new job is going well!!

kari said...

We've been missing you on the nest, but you have been busy!! Wasn't SATC great?


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