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18 July 2008

Decisions, Decisions.

We have a little bit of extra money right now set aside to work on some home improvement projects. The problem is, we can't decide what to do!

Option #1: Replace our current laminate kitchen countertops with something else...Corian (not Ryan's vote), natural stone, engineered stone, or something called Granicrete. It's similar to a faux finish for your countertops made to look like granite.

Along with option #1, I would like to install new recessed lighting in the kitchen and possibly install a cream subway tile or cream beadboard backsplash.

Our actual cabinets:

Backsplash Choice #1 (with countertops similar in color to photo #2):

Backsplash Choice #2:

Option #2: Build walls in our basement to section off a new storage area and Ryan's gym. The problem with option #2 is that I would also want to replace the basement carpeting, repaint the horrid red paint job that the previous owners did and install a bar. That would take us WAY over budget.



Woody said...

I think its a no-brainer as to what to do. Do the kitchen improvements as they directly add to the home value. Changes to the basement don't value, they just add convenience. Sorry, Ryan gotta side with your wife on this one.

G+D said...

I agree w/tom. Go with the kitchen re-do. Plus it's more fun! ;)


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