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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

26 May 2008

The Weekend was a Success!

The weekend could not have been more fun and more exhausting! After all of the planning, the party was a huge success and we had a great time at the Race, too. We had a great turn out, but we have way too much alcohol left over (thanks to my over-purchasing). We did have just the right amount of food, though.

I was really pleased with the way that the decorations turned out. The wreath I made:

Race flags lining our front sidewalk:

The spread:

Our bartender Terrence working hard!

Our neighbors enjoying themselves:

Friends and Family:

The previously mentioned Purdue Cornhole set. So artistically modified by Natalie. She did a great job!

It was a great success...we'll do it again next year!



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