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28 May 2008

Indy 500 Version 2008

We went to the Indianapolis 500 for the 7th time (we missed the race in 2006 when Ben and Stacey got married). It was probably one of the most enjoyable races I've been to in several years. The weather could not have been nicer! It was the first year that I didn't sweat, freeze, get terribly sunburned and/or rained on for hours. It was a pleasantly breezy, warm but partly cloudy day. Despite our hangovers, the race was fun!

As has been our practice in recent years, we parked in a yard belonging to some fine citizens living in Speedway, Indiana. These fools were WASTED by the time we got to their yard (this was approximately 9:30 am on a Sunday, mind you). I tried my best to make friends with them so they would keep our vehicles safe during the day. Someone else gave them a few bottles of pretty decent champagne, so I shared our orange juice and introduced them to our favorite morning drink, mimosas!

Notice how Ryan's mimosa is different than the other one? Someone's hangover was so terrible that he had to combine his Alka Seltzer with his champagne and OJ! :)

Our beer of choice this year...a 30 cube of Keystone Light!

Anne-Marie and Andrew joined us for the Race. Aren't they cute? :)


Kara came to visit from her seats in Turn 3:

Nearing the end of the race, can you tell how tired we are?



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