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23 May 2008

Ready for the Weekend

I'm fired up for the weekend...our big party tomorrow, the 500 on Sunday and then relaxing on Monday. The weather will be perfect and our party is going to be a smash!

Ryan borrowed a cornhole set from one of his co-workers. Great idea. It will be a fun game, get people up and doing something, but there is just one problem. His coworker happens to be a Purdue grad. We went to Indiana. We're huge IU fans. I cannot handle this giant black and gold cornhole set. Thanks Clint, but I think we're gonna have to pass. As faithful Hoosiers, we simply cannot subject our guests to anything associated with Purdue.

My to-do list has gotten bigger since my last post and I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't get more done this week. Oh well, live and learn for next year!

Still to do:

-pick up a few remaining things at the grocery
-tidy the garage
-clean the bathrooms
-mop the floors
-bake cookies
-frost cupcakes
-get cash for Terrence
-set up the tables and tent
-make sure everything is getting cold
-pick up the keg
-buy tons of ice!
-have a fantastic time with our friends!



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