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13 May 2008

We're Having a Party

We have decided to host a Memorial Day pre-Indianapolis 500 party. It's our intention to make it an annual event, but I guess we'll have to see how this one goes! It will be the first big party in our house. I'm just praying the weather is good to us.

First off, the fabulous invites were designed by Elisabeth at Life of Leo Designs. She was great to work with, and so patient with me even when I did not return her emails on time! I can't figure out how to link the invite, otherwise, I would show them off since they are so cute! We have invited 130 guests, but we already know that many of them cannot make it. We're still hoping for a good turnout, in the 40-60 range.

I have arranged to borrow tables from Mom and Dad and Aunt Susan and Uncle John. Thanks guys! We have also hired a bartender, Terrence, and I'm excited to work with him.

The decorations are purchased. The only thing left for me to do is to make a wreath for the front door. One of my neighbors has a simple, but cute wreath made out of grapevine and black and white checkered ribbon. Perfect and easy enough for me to make!

Still to do:

--CLEAN THE HOUSE! I have to make myself a cleaning schedule for next week and stick to it!
--watch for RSVPs to come in :)
--make front door wreath
--order kegs
--finalize menu and buy and/or order everything
--purchase drink garnishes/straws
--bake cookies, cupcakes and brownies (with help from Mom and MiL!)
--shop for liquor and mixers (this weekend at Costco)
--buy ice
--buy plates and drink cups (this weekend at Costco)
--decide how to set up music (this will be Ryan's job!)
--Set up tables and tent (Friday night/Saturday morning)
--Arrange food and bar
--Enjoy the party with our guests! :)


Mandy said...

How fun! Sounds like it will be a great time! :)

Katie said...

How much fun!! Can't wait to see the pics!

hopefuls #1 said...

Parties are so much fun! Sounds like you are going to be a great host! Have a great time!!!


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