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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

13 July 2011

Tyson: 26 Months

Age: 26 months and a few days :)

Weight: Not sure, but he was 32+ lbs at 2 years and I'm sure he weighs more than that now.

Height: Again, not sure, but I know he's grown since he was measured at 35.5 inches at 2 years.

Size: 2T clothes, size 5 diaper, size 7 shoe. He outgrew his shoes overnight. I'm not even joking. One day his shoes fit and the very next morning, they no longer fit him. How does a child grow a shoe size OVERNIGHT?

Hair: Blonde and cute. Mostly tame right now since it seems to be the perfect length.

Teeth: 18! I've confirmed that 2 of his 2 year molars have finally popped through. I think the other 2 are on their way because he is drooling and chewing on his hands constantly.

Sleeping: As good as always. In bed by 8pm, wakes up somewhere after 7am. He's taking one good nap each day, roughly 2 hours. Sometimes more, sometimes a bit less.

Eating: Grr. Eating remains a struggle with him. Sometimes he skips meals altogether, sometimes he eats a ton. He's decided he likes apples and right now he loves yogurt.

Movement: Nothing really new, but he still loves to run, jump and play. He's constantly on the go.

Milestones: Took his second trip to the zoo (Ft. Wayne this time), fed his baby sister, with some help from mama, celebrated his third 4th of July. We had planned to let him stay up for the fireworks, but he freaked out after hearing some fireworks being let off during the day so we opted to wait until next year.

Favorite toys/activities: Riding in mama's car, riding in grandpa's boat, playing outside, going down his slide (and then climbing back up again), playing in the sprinkler. Still loves his trains and cars. Loves to hear mama sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". He asks for "twinkle star" :) He still loves to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Dislikes: Transitioning from one activity or person to the next, bedtime and naptime, rinsing his hair in the bathtub, timeouts.

Words: Everyday he says longer and longer sentences. It just blows me away to see so much improvement from one day to the next. He is consistently saying 4 and 5 word sentences that we can understand. Rarely does he say something that we have no idea what he's talking about. He's started saying "me" or "I" in sentences as opposed to always speaking in the third person. He can sing most of "Twinkle Star", can count from 1-9 and knows a few higher numbers, knows shapes (the regular ones like squares and triangles and more complicated shape concepts like cones and cylinders).

Brushing the goats at the Fort Wayne Zoo:

Eating popsicles:

Riding in pa's boat:

Feeding baby sister:



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