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26 July 2011

Miss Quinn's Nursery - The Ceiling

The ceiling in Quinn's nursery, like all of the ceilings in our house, are this heavily textured business.   Ugh.  I really dislike them, but not enough to spend the time or money to deal with the hassle (and mess!) of scraping them all down, repairing the ceilings and then painting.   Maybe someday.

When we did our first crown molding installation (in Tyson's nursery), we quickly figured out how to scrape the ceilings so the crown would sit flush or close enough to flush to the ceilings. Since I knew I wanted beadboard on the ceiling in this nursery, scraping down the texture in the entire room was inevitable. Gah. So.much.work.  And so messy.  We couldn't work on it as often as we would have liked, so the scraping process took us a few weeks of working on it intermittently.  I don't have any pictures because I didn't want to ruin my camera with all of the dust and mess!

After the scraping was done, the next step was the beadboard. We were all set to use the big sheets of beadboard that you can buy at Lowes and HD. We had even calculated out how many sheets we needed to buy, but hadn't pulled the trigger yet.

One weekend while browsing the Sunday newspaper ads, I found packages beadboard panels on sale at Menards. After doing the quick math, we found out that these packs would be cheaper than the big panels and Ryan thought they would be much easier to work with. So we went with these instead and I must say, it worked out wonderfully!

We didn't have much to work around with the ceiling and the room was easy, since it's really just a large rectangle. We, er, Ryan, only had to cut around the vent, the light fixture and the hardwired smoke detector.

Here goes...the first panels are up!

Ryan works so hard!

You can see the size of each beadboard panel in this photo:

Once all of the panels were up, Ryan went through the tedious process of filling all of the nail holes, caulking the joints between the panels and painting the ceiling.  We painted it the same semi-gloss antique white color of the rest of the trim in our house.

The final step of the ceiling project was to hang the chandelier.  It cost us nothing since it was originally hanging in the dining room of our house when we bought it.  It was bright and shiny brass and I spray painted it white. 

I wasn't even sure if the light would still work.  It had sat in our basement for 4 years and survived a flood.  I had to give it a good scrubbing before I could even attempt to paint it.  That thing was a gross, dusty, cobweb-y mess. 

After installing the fixture, I painted the walls.  That was my big contribution to the room.  :)
I painted the entire room in the evenings one week while Ryan was out of town.  

The ceiling is complete, walls painted and the chandelier hung.  The only thing left to do is to install the crown molding.

The ceiling was by far the biggest project of the room, but I LOVE how it turned out! 

There are LOTS more details to come, stay tuned!



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