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27 July 2011

Miss Quinn's Nursery - the furniture

While Ryan worked on the ceiling, I wasn't just supervising.  I had projects of my own that I was working on.

These dressers were given to us by Ryan's parents.  They used to be in the guest room of Ryan's grandparents' home.  When his grandparents moved into a nursing home, their home was rented out so all of the furniture needed to be moved out of the house.  We had two empty guest rooms at the time (years before we had babies or even considered having babies!) so the furniture came to stay with us.  His grandparents have now passed away so we asked for Ryan's dad's blessing to paint them for our little girl's room.

The tall dresser has a total of 5 drawers.  Sneaky.  It looks like way more than that!

Both dressers have these fun details at the bottom:

And cool fully functioning casters as the feet.  Makes them super easy to move around to clean underneath or to rearrange the room.

The short dresser also has brackets that hold a HEAVY mirror.  The glass is a little mottled in the corners, very cool.  Hopefully Quinn will get to use it one day.  In the meantime, this short dresser is perfect for a changing table with just a pad on top.  I already started removing the hardware on this one.  Oops.

 This dresser actually has 6 drawers.

I also had this vanity that I wanted to incorporate into the room.  I bought it on Craigslist at least 3 years ago.  It was only $20 and it sat in my garage for all of those years.  Needless to say, Ryan was not happy it sat there for that long!  In my defense, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it.

The finish was in bad shape, so I just had to go with it.  Peeling veneer, cracks in the wood, but structurally, it's sound.  It also has cool details like the keyhole and the casters.


So after a lot of wood filling, sanding, priming, painting and polyurethaning the dressers now look like this:

I found the new pulls on Ebay for $2 each.

And the vanity, with new glassy-looking knobs from Hobby Lobby, looks like this: 

I bought the crib at Wal-Mart for $75.  It was originally $89.99 but since it had a teensy scratch that was visible through the box, they gave me 20% off.  Score!

The chair and ottoman were repurposed from Tyson's nursery, which by the way I just realized I never posted his finished room.  I'll get on that.

So there you have it.  All of the furniture for our baby girl's room.  Stay tuned for more room details!


Ashley Sisk said...

That is darling!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

The room is amazing! So many beautiful details. And I love her name. :)

SaoirseD said...

That room is gorgeous :)


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