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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

23 February 2009

3 Hour Glucose Test

I went in bright and early to the lab at my hospital to take the 3 hour glucose test after fasting the night before. I had nothing to eat or drink after 8:30pm. They drew my blood initially and made me drink 12 oz of a drink that tasted like they just melted several popsicles (super sweet!). I then got my blood drawn once per hour for the next three hours. I felt progressively worse (tired and nauseated) with every blood draw and I have struggled all day. At least it's over and now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I passed!

I had a bit of a scare on Friday night. Baby Holt is over 28 weeks old now and I'm supposed to feel regular movements and keep track of them a few times a day. He's usually pretty active in the evenings, especially when I am relaxed. After laying on the couch and watching some tv on Friday night (yes, my life is that exciting!), I noticed that I didn't feel him moving. Whenever that happens, I'm supposed to drink something sweet, like orange juice and then go lie down and rest and start counting his movements.

He's usually a pretty active baby, so I felt 10 movements in about a half hour, but they weren't regular movements for me. I was completely freaked out and ready to head to the hospital. My heart was beating fast and I could hardly catch my breath because I was so worried. Eventually as I relaxed and Ryan turned on the tv, baby started moving regularly again...thank goodness! Ryan was so sweet through the entire thing. He cleaned up the kitchen and asked me repeatedly if I wanted to go to the hospital. I'm glad I waited, but I will definitely be talking to the doctor about it at my next visit.



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