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18 February 2009

27 Weeks

Baby Holt is still growing and I'm officially in the 3rd Trimester! I had my 28 week appointment on Monday (yes, I'm a little behind in the 27 week update!) and everything is looking good. The doctor got a better look at the last ultrasound detailed report and it doesn't appear that we will need to have another ultrasound yet. They evidently got the photos they needed of the cord insertion and all else looks good with baby!

We started our childbirth classes a few weeks ago and they're not as bad as Ryan expected them to be. We've learned a lot about the stages of labor and when to know if it's really time to go to the hospital. All I can say is that I'm pretty sure I will be getting an epidural at some point! Ryan wants me to get one as soon as possible so he doesn't have to listen to me whine about the pain. We'll see.

For all of those that have been asking, we don't have a name for this baby yet. In fact, we're not even close. Choosing a name is much harder than I thought it would be and not as fun either! I am serious when I say that we will have to decide on a name when they are forcing me out of the hospital. Even in the off chance that we do decide on a name prior to Baby Holt's arrival, you're all going to have to wait until he is here to find out what we decide.

My belly at 27 weeks:


hopeful #1 said...

You're looking great!


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