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10 April 2008

The Search for a Hat.

I just joined the Indianapolis Junior League and I am officially a Provisional Member! I'm really looking forward to getting to know my new coworker a little better (we joined together) and meeting all kinds of new and interesting women.

Our first event is the Gala, which happens to be held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby, May 3. It is a big event with cute summery dresses, Derby hats and mint juleps! What more could you want? :)

Unless you have been to the Kentucky Derby (which I sadly have not), one cannot completely understand the traditions. As a result, I turned to Wikipedia for information on the historic race as well as its historic traditions. I had no idea that the race started in 1875!

Armed with my newfound Wikipedia knowledge, THE most important accessory for a Derby party is the Hat. The search is on! The fine art of hat-making, decorating and embellishing is called millinery (don't I sound smart?). While stunning creations, these hats are expensive! I have found some online upwards of $400. Four Hundred Dollars for a hat. For the sake of my bank account and saving my marriage, I have been smartly directed to Ebay to view the fine millinery.

I have not committed to the dress I will be wearing, but it will either be a red and white seersucker strapless dress or a black and white flowered sundress. I've narrowed my search down to these choices (not to be Mr. Obvious but red for the red dress, black for the black and white dress). Without the benefit of seeing the dresses, I'd love your opinions on these choices:



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