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21 April 2008

Let the Battle begin!

I'm talking about the awful dandelions. Grr.

We, thanks to our previous owners, have one of the worst lawns in our neighborhood. A neighborhood where people REALLY care about their yards. Apparently, (after confirmation from our neighbors) when the previous couple actually lived together, the husband kept the yard immaculate. It was a thick, lush, green lawn without a hint of a weed. Then, one summer came and went with the wife living in our house without the husband. All it takes is one summer to turn the yard into a den of weeds, especially on a 3 year old lawn.

Now, we're trying our hardest (I promise neighbors we are really trying!) to eradicate the weeds. Between me and Ryan, we dug out 4 grocery bags of dandelions in two days and those were just the ones we could see! Those little devils pop up as soon as the sun shines.

One day I hope for our lawn to return to it's prior glory. Until then, we will batttle, one little yellow dandelion at a time.

Photo courtesy of Corbis.



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