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24 March 2009

32 weeks with an Irritable Uterus

Our home laptop finally died, so I haven't had a chance to update in a while. I'm nearly 33 weeks now. At my regular 32 week appointment last week, I talked to my doctor about all of the Braxton Hicks contractions I was experiencing. It turns out that some of them weren't just Braxton Hicks, I was having real contractions that caused my cervix to dilate and efface. Not great news at 32 weeks. Immediately following my appointment, my doctor sent me to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours. I was honestly freaked out. Ryan hadn't been coming to my appointments lately since they had been rather uneventful, so he could tell that I was scared when I called him to come and sit with me in the hospital (again!). Luckily, Baby was moving just fine and I had only had a few small contractions on the monitors, so Dr. D released me to go back to work and told me that she wanted to start seeing me weekly. I'm on instructions to make sure I drink enough water everyday and to rest and relax when I can.

I had my 33 week appointment yesterday and luckily I haven't had any further progress with the preterm labor, but I was still having loads of contractions daily. She put me on a generic of Procardia, a blood pressure medicine that is often prescribed to control preterm labor contractions. She also diagnosed me with an irritable uterus. Hopefully the meds will control the contractions, otherwise, the next option is bed rest. If all goes well, I'll be on the medication until 36 weeks and then he's welcome to join the world anytime after that! I go back to see Dr. D next Monday, so please keep us in your prayers.

Good news is that baby is doing fine and he seems to be head down. He's measuring right on track and still moving a lot every day. He just needs to stay in for at least a few more weeks!



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