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12 March 2009

31 Weeks

Roughly 9 more to go! That's exciting and scary at the same time!

Not much has changed since last week. I'm starting to get more and more Braxton-Hicks contractions. They don't hurt, but they're not exactly comfortable either. They're totally normal according to my childbirth class instructor. On the other hand, Baby is definitely getting stronger. His movements can be painful at times, especially when he has an arm or a leg jabbing into my ribcage.

We took a tour of the hospital on Monday and I was pretty impressed. It's a newer hospital, but it seems like it will be very nice for our stay in a few short months! The labor and delivery rooms are huge and the postpartum rooms seem to be pretty adequate as well.

We tried to unpack the crib and get it put together last weekend since we are having guests soon (not that the nursery is ready for it with my armoire project taking up the entire room, but I digress). When Ryan pulled out the first few pieces of the crib, he realized they were damaged. We had to box it all back up and take it back to JCPenney. I'm hoping to get the replacement soon and my fingers are crossed that it arrives in pristine condition!

We're headed to Chicago this weekend for a little getaway to visit friends. Oh, and my birthday was 2 days ago. Happy Birthday to me! :)


mrs.leah.maria said...

Bummer on the crib and the BH's! Time just keeps marching on!


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