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09 April 2009

35 Weeks and 35 days to go!

Wow. This baby will be here in 6 weeks at the very most (my doctor will only let me go 1 week past my due date before she will induce). My next doctor's appointment is Monday and Dr. D will be taking me off of the Procardia in a week. If I go into labor on my own anytime after 36 weeks, they will not stop it. I think the medication has really helped my contractions subside, especially as the weeks have passed. I just wonder what will happen when I'm not longer taking them...

I'm feeling okay, just really tired and my body is constantly sore. My back, hips and feet hurt the most, so I'm just trying to relax as much as possible at home. I am starting to rethink my plan to work until I go into labor, so I have to keep reminding myself that I want the time after Baby arrives, not now.

We are about 90% ready for Baby Holt's arrival. His room is nearly ready and the glider arrived yesterday! I have a few finishing touches and a final clean left to do, but if he came home in a week we would be fine. All of his bedding, burp cloths, bibs and newborn and 0-3 month size clothing is washed and ready for him to wear. I put together his swing and bouncy seat and installed batteries. Everything is working the way it should! Hopefully Ryan will have a chance to put together the pack n' play this weekend and that's the last of the necessary gear we will need for the first few weeks.

I am planning on packing my hospital bag this weekend just in case and we are meeting with a potential pediatrician next week. We practiced with the car seat last weekend and I need to make an appointment to get it inspected sometime in the next week.

We're getting close! Here is my 35 week belly:


hopeful #1 said...

As always, you look great and I can't wait for this pumpkin to get here! :)


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