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25 March 2008

Introducing our new living room curtains

I have been waiting to add curtains to our living room since the day we closed on the house. Well, my dream finally came true this past Saturday!

After searching (and saving) for a few months, I found the perfect curtains. The Milano grommet panels from JCPenney. Since I needed 5 95" panels, I decided that grommets were the way to go. No need for the extra expense to buy curtain rings (I much prefer rings over just hanging them directly on the rod) and the grommets are pretty cute, too!

After finding and buying the perfect curtains, I had to find a curtain rod long enough to span the entire 13+ feet of my windows. Between Lowe's (which, by the way, does have a great selection of curtain hardware), Bed Bath and Beyond and online shopping, I probably spent a good 3 hours of my life searching for a curtain rod that would be long enough and not cost me a fortune! I finally found one, actually two, at BB&B. They are two separate wooden rods (one 6' and the other 8') joined together by a tiny screw. The look is seamless and you can hardly tell that they were two separate rods. I love it and will definitely try the wooden rods in other places in my home.

So, for the big reveal....here is the before photo:

And the after! I couldn't be more pleased (yes, I know they need to be steamed)! :)


Mandy said...

They look great! Love the color :)

kari said...

They look great! They really fit the room and I love the grommets.


Katie said...

Thos look SO great! I always have such a hard time commiting with curtains!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I absolutely love them! They give the room such pressence.


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