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17 January 2008

My Obsession: decorating our house!

So, I am obsessed with all things decorating. It is becoming annoying to my dear sweet Ryan as he cannot fathom why I want to change every single aspect of our fantastic house. It's not that I want to change it all, it's just that I want to make every square inch of it better!

We moved into a builder-basic hell. White walls, cream trim, brass light fixtures and doorknobs, very basic faucets and bathroom hardware. Well, needless to say, we knew that it would all have to be changed at some point! Paint on the walls, new light fixtures, new interior hardware, everything.

One of the biggest changes in my personal opinion were the new door levers in oil-rubbed bronze, purchased on Ebay for what I consider a steal! Aren't they beautiful? They make our doors just pop! Now, if I can only get the levers for the rest of our upstairs and basement...



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