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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

15 August 2011

Tyson - 27 Months

Age: 27 months and about a week.

Weight: Somewhere around 33lbs based on our home scale, which only measures to the half pound.

Height: Officially 3 feet tall. 

Size: 2T clothes, size 5 diaper, size 7, maybe 8 shoe.  I really need to get him measured before it's time to buy real shoes again.  He's been living in Crocs this summer.

Hair: Blonde and cute.  I think I may let it grow for a while, but who knows.

Teeth: Still 18 and still waiting on the last two 2 year molars to come through.
Sleeping:  For as many changes as he's endured recently, I'd say his sleep is still great.  Since we moved him to a big boy bed, it's a little more challenging to get him to sleep on time for naps and bedtime.  His newfound freedom has him roaming his room when he's not ready to sleep.  For the most part, he sleeps in his bed, but we've found him sleeping on the floor behind his door and under the chair in his room.
Eating: Seems to be on a fruit strike, which is bad news for us since he will not eat a single vegetable.  I used at be able to count on him to at least eat fruit.  But, he did start eating chicken nuggets this month...any new food is a huge victory for this child that refuses to even TRY anything new. 

Movement: He can go almost up the entire flight of stairs without holding on to anything :)  He used to just crawl up on his hands and knees.

Milestones:  Started sleeping in a big boy bed. Being nicer to his baby sister.  Had his first movie night at home with mama and daddy and popcorn.  He *loved* the popcorn.  Yes, my kid is over 2 and just had popcorn for the first time.  I was scared of him choking on it!

Favorite toys/activities: Playing at the park or in the backyard, going on car and boat rides,

Dislikes: Transitioning from one activity or person to the next, bedtime and naptime, rinsing his hair in the bathtub, timeouts.

Words: He's started asking lots of questions..."what's that?" is what we hear over and over and over again.  He's funny.  I know toddlers say funny stuff, but he can entertain for hours! 


SaoirseD said...

I love the name Tyson!
Very cute pic with the sunglasses.


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