Tyson and Quinn's Corner


This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

21 August 2011

Quinn: 3 months

Age: 3 months

Weight: Not sure, she won't get weighed until her 4m appointment.

Height: Again, not sure, but she's getting long! 

Size: 0-3m clothes, size 1 diaper.

Hair: Still crazy!  Getting lighter and longer though.  Can wear small bows now :)

Teeth: Zero, but she's starting to drool.  a lot.  So did Tyson, but he didn't get teeth until almost 6m.

Sleeping:  She's doing great!  We've got a bedtime routine down now.  She goes to sleep between 8-8:30pm and wakes up around 5am.  She takes a bottle and goes back to sleep until 7 or 8am.  She's still sleeping in our room in the rock and play sleeper.  I'm not sure when we'll move her to her room.  I'm just not ready yet. 

During the day, she naps intermittently although her naps are getting shorter while her awake periods are getting longer.

Eating: Six 4oz bottles of Alimentum throughout the day.

Movement: Still wiggly!  Always kicking her legs if she's playing on her back.

Milestones:  Can support her upper body on her forearms during tummy time.  Smiles all the time.  Holds her head up very well.

Favorite toys/activities: Chattering and smiling, watching her big brother, playing in her activity gym, riding in the stroller, baths.

Dislikes: Being hungry or sleepy.

Words: None yet, just chattering. 



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