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13 November 2010

Holiday Cards!

Is it already that time of year? I have been thinking about designing our holiday cards for nearly a month now. I’m just anxious to get our pictures back from our photographer to make it official. Last year, we used Shutterfly.com and ordered the flat cardstock Fa La La card. With one Christmas-y photo that I took of Tyson, the cards turned out better than we could have imagined. We loved them and we received loads of compliments on the card we sent out last year. So, how do we top it for this year?

First off, I need to make some decisions. I think I have it narrowed down to a few options. I definitely prefer the flat cardstock cards as opposed to some other options. I prefer simpler designs and Shutterfly has plenty of them. So far, I’m thinking of either the Pretty Poinsettia Print card or the Bright and Merry card. Or, maybe the Scrapbook Style Blue card. Such a hard decision to make! For our friends and family, you’ll just have to wait and see which one we decide to use. Happy (early) Holidays!

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