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13 December 2011

Photo Gallery Wall

I've adored photo gallery walls for years.  The Pottery Barn catalog always has the most amazing gallery walls and I knew someday I wanted one for my house.

The problem is that because of the floorplan of our house, I couldn't envision a good spot for one.  After reorganizing a bit (and taking down the print that used to hang there), I decided this little space in our foyer would be perfect.  Yes, the thermostat is in among the frames too!

Enter the gallery wall! 

Since it is a corner on the far edge of our foyer, it's a wee bit dark and hard to get a bright picture of it.

I found the vast majority of the frames at Goodwill and a few at Ikea.  I refused to pay more than $3 for any frame and I spray painted them all off white (the trim in our house is antique white).

I hung most of the frames with 3M Command Velcro Hanging Strips.  I love those things!  They are super easy to use, they hold the frames tightly, no holes in the walls, and the frames don't wobble on the wall.

I love that I now have a place to display all of our beautiful photos and as my babies grow and change, it will be easy to swap out the photos for new ones.


Lauren said...

Laura! I love your gallery nook! What a perfect spot. And I like that the thermostat blends in. Good call on the Command products - love!

Kathy said...

This is my favorite part of your house :) I was talking to Ryan about where we could put one. haha.

Abby said...

3M velcro "hooks" are a brilliant idea. That has just made hanging the gazillion frames waiting at my house a little easier!

Anonymous said...
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luckmey said...
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tegan said...

what a beautiful gallery!

have a lovely christmas :)))

T xx


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