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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

20 November 2011

Quinn - 6 months!

Age: 6 months and a few days

Weight: She'll be weighed Monday. 

Height: She'll be measured Monday.

Size: We just moved into a size 2 diaper.  She's still wearing some 3m Carters (onesies), 3-6m pants, 6m Carters pants are too long, but pjs fit perfectly.  I'm ready for her to fit into her 6-12m wardrobe!

Hair: Still growing, but more down the top middle so it's kind of a baby mohawk.  It's still pretty short and thin along the sides.

Teeth: Her first tooth (lower left) popped through yesterday at 6 months, 1 day.  I think the lower right one is soon to follow because she's still drooly.

Sleeping:  She's sleeping in her crib in her room at night now.  No swaddle, no sleepsacks, just pjs.  She doesn't seem to like the sleepsacks and fights them the whole time. 

She goes down for the night between 7-7:30 and wakes for the day around 7am.  She takes 2-3 naps per day, depending on how long she sleeps.  Naps in her crib are hit or miss. Sometimes she'll only nap for 30 minutes, other times it's 2 hours.

She's still waking at least 1-2x per night, either for a paci or for a small bottle. 

Eating: 4-5 6oz. bottles of Alimentum throughout the day, one 4oz bottle in the middle of the night. We've weaned her off of the Prilosec with no apparent discomfort!  We gave her her oatmeal for the first time yesterday and she was pretty unsure about it.  She did a little better today, but she's not taking to it like her brother did.

Movement: She still rolls all over the place, but she is an unassisted sitter!  She can sit and play with her toys like a big girl.  This is probably my favorite baby stage because she can sit up, interact and play but she can't crawl yet.  Although yesterday she made it up on all fours and was lunging for toys. 

She's tall enough to bounce in her jumperoo now. 

Milestones:  Sitting up all by herself.

Favorite toys/activities: Chattering and smiling, Tyson, Baxter, playing with toys.

Dislikes: Being hungry or sleepy or burpy.

Words: None yet, just chattering and screeching.


Lauren said...

Oh. My. Cuteness.

Kathy said...

she is So beautiful! I love seeing her sit.


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