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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

23 October 2011

Quinn - 5 Months


Age: 5 months

Weight: Not sure, but she's definitely gained.  She'll be weighed again at her 6m well baby visit.

Height: Not sure, will be measured next month.

Size: She's still wearing some 0-3m clothes, but mostly 3-6m.  3m Carters, some 6m Carters pjs.  She's wearing a size 1-2 diaper.

Hair: It's really gotten longer, so I think our days of Quinn's crazy hair may be past us.  It's laying down more since it's longer.  We miss the crazy!

Teeth: Zero but still drooling.

Sleeping:  Eh.  She went through a growth spurt over the last month and started waking up in the middle of the night again.  Some nights she sleeps through and others she wakes up several times.  She's still sleeping in our room but we ditched the swaddle blanket a few weeks ago. 

She goes down for the night around 7-7:30 and wakes up anywhere from 5-7am usually. 

She's awake for much longer stretches during the day and takes 2-3 naps. 

Eating: Five 6oz. bottles of Alimentum throughout the day. Still on Prilosec for her reflux.  We'll be starting solids next month.

Movement: She's rolling EVERYWHERE!  Rolls from back to belly and belly to back, can inch around on the floor, can tripod sit for a few seconds before toppling over.  Loves to chew on her toes and she can sit up from an incline position.  She cannot be left alone on any surface without an enclosure.

We brought out the jumperoo last week and she likes to play with the toys.  She's not tall enough to get bouncing yet though.

Milestones:  Showing interest in toys, her stork bites on her forehead and nose are fading, moving all over the place.

Favorite toys/activities: Chattering and smiling, watching her big brother, playing in her activity gym, riding in the stroller, baths. Loves her paci. Overall, she's a happy girl and rarely fussy.

Dislikes: Being hungry or sleepy.

Words: None yet, just chattering and screeching. 

She loves her toes!

She's so strong and can hold herself up for several seconds at a time.

Daddy was here to entertain and make her smile :)

Her cheeks have really filled out!

Our silly girl!

Happy 5 months baby girl!


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! I just can't get over her. She looks so much like Tyson in some of the photos, and not at all in others. She is so so cute!

Hip Hostess said...

She's really grown! Totally adorable :)


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