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23 January 2011

the Crown Molding Project

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I finally convinced Ryan to put up crown molding in our foyer and dining room.

Dining room, before:

Foyer before:

More foyer, before:

Last before shot of the foyer:

The work begins! He taped off where the bottom piece of molding would go. We did a 3 section molding, with the crown in between. It gave us more of a stacked or thicker crown look.

My job was to paint the trim and crown pieces.

Installation has begun! You can see the top piece of molding (attached to the ceiling) and the bottom piece. The crown goes in between these two.

The finished product!

We have a small section of our foyer that is two stories with about 8" where there was a gap. Ryan just took the crown all the way across so we have two pieces that stick out a bit. It was a perfect solution to these weird sections.

Ryan did such a great job! It took a lot of convincing and it took several weekends of hard work. This was only his second crown molding project, but I think it looks completely professional. I appreciate his need to be a perfectionist and it turned out beautifully!


Kathy said...

looks awesome!!! nice job!

Kathy said...

(Ryan says you are making him look bad :-) )

Lukes Life said...

Looks great! I hit the next blog button at the top and came accros yours! Your baby boy is precious!

Jill said...

Looks outstanding! I love it! It's amazing what a little crown molding to add to your home!

Leah said...

Ryan did amazing! It just looks so finished now!

Tamara said...

It looks awesome!

The Gant's said...

Looks great! I hope to get Eric to do that to our house one day!

chelsea said...

That is such a cute little crown molding! Like it.

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Marshall Lynch said...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely.. Looks great! I hope to get Eric to do that to our house one day!
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