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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

29 June 2010

Hurricane Tyson

We love him dearly, but our child destroys our house on a daily basis. Mind you, this was after our nanny cleaned up the mess he made with his toys.

Starting with the bathroom, he threw open the cabinet doors and pulled all 5 towels off of the shelf. He also carried in 2 cups that he confiscated from the kitchen.

He moved on to the kitchen and his favorite spot...the lazy susan.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tyson has been Mr. Crankypants the past two days, so in between his bouts of destruction, he screams, cries, whines or makes a variety of other unpleasant sounds.

Time to open the rest of the kitchen cabinets! BTW, this is my fault as I have been insistent on allowing him to safely have free range of our house. As the days go by, I'm slowly changing my mind.

A moment later, another temper tantrum ensues. Notice the crouched down pouting.

Trust me, our house doesn't normally have toys, towels and sippy cups laying strewn about the kitchen floor.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Tyson has led Mama and Daddy to turn to this:

I'm sure all of the other parents of toddlers can understand. :)

under construction.

Some of you may be wondering why I have photos of random folks scrolling at the top of my blog. Tyson's Corner is undergoing some renovations and I hope to have everything operational very soon.

Stay Tuned!

27 June 2010

afternoon in the park

21 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

We had a busy day of celebrating for Father's Day this year. Lunch with Daddy and Grandpa Phil and then a visit to the nursing home to see Great Grandpa Fred.

Four generations :)

Getting to know his Great Grandpa

Tyson's Great Grandpa Fred will be 96 next month!

Happy Father's Day to Tyson's amazing father, my Dad, Father-in-law and Grandfather-in-law. We love you!

15 June 2010

Sunday at the lake

Tyson and Daddy

I know this pic isn't in focus, but that face just cracks me up! He was running around the deck like a crazy fool.

More crazy running...I told you, this kid is hard to contain right now!

And, 21 weeks pregnant Aunt Jaime. Growing a little girl cousin for Tyson to play with, protect and pick on. :)

14 June 2010

Lake weekend

This past weekend was the start of spending as much of our summer as possible at the lake! Tyson made several trips last summer when he was a tiny newborn, but it was a whole new ballgame this year.

He enjoyed playing in the water and in the sand until a boat went by and sent waves up on the shore. He'll get used to it! This is the same spot where Daddy went swimming and played in the sand during his summers growing up.

13 June 2010

Playing on the patio

Tyson hates the grass. Unless you hold his hand, he all but refuses to walk in it. We had a patio installed just a few weeks ago and he loves to run around it and kick his soccer ball.


10 June 2010


We took Tyson swimming for the first time last week and he loved the pool. We went again yesterday and he had the same reaction. I really want him to be comfortable in the water and be a good swimmer just like his mama.

07 June 2010

13 Months Old

Dear Tyson:

You're 13 months old today! I know we say it all the time, but it's hard to believe you could possibly be this old already. You are an absolute joy in our lives. Mama and Daddy love you so much that we can hardly wait to see you when you wake up in the morning. We almost always go in together to see you after you wake up because it's just so cute! Even if you wake up crying, you smile as soon as you see us peeking in through the doorway.

You are so busy right now that it is hard to keep you in any one place. You have to touch everything and you are constantly moving--walking, running, crawling, climbing--however you can move you do. The past few nights have been challenging to get you to even calm down long enough for a wagon or stroller ride. We can hardly get you to sit still long enough to eat a meal. Speaking of eating, you love to eat! You are still a pretty picky eater, but as long as we give you some of your favorites, you're happy. Right now, you love waffles, yogurt, cheese and bananas. You are not a fan of veggies, but sometimes Mama finds ways to trick you into eating them. You've only been drinking whole milk for about a month, but you get so excited everytime you see a cup of milk!

You like to play with your toys, especially the soccer and basketballs that Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle John gave you for your birthday. Containing you has been quite challenging for Mama and Daddy. We're rethinking the babyproofing plans on a daily basis because everyday you get into something new. We know we can take you outside to our new patio to run around and you'll stay on the concrete. You still don't like playing or walking in the grass.

Finally you're growing into all of your cute 12-18 month summer clothes. You look so handsome in your polo shirts and plaid shorts. :) Speaking of summer, we're having fun so far with much more in store! You went swimming for the first time and you really liked it. You also took a day roadtrip to Chicago. We had a good time playing on Sean and Amber's rooftop deck. It was like a giant play area just for little boys! The only part of the trip that you did not appreciate was the amount of time you had to spend in your carseat. Even having Mama accompany you in the backseat for a while did not make you happy. But, as soon as we gave you your milk, all was right again your world.

We can't wait to see what adventures the next month will bring, but we know it will be fun. Happy 13 monthday little man!

Love, Mama and Daddy


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