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29 June 2010

Hurricane Tyson

We love him dearly, but our child destroys our house on a daily basis. Mind you, this was after our nanny cleaned up the mess he made with his toys.

Starting with the bathroom, he threw open the cabinet doors and pulled all 5 towels off of the shelf. He also carried in 2 cups that he confiscated from the kitchen.

He moved on to the kitchen and his favorite spot...the lazy susan.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tyson has been Mr. Crankypants the past two days, so in between his bouts of destruction, he screams, cries, whines or makes a variety of other unpleasant sounds.

Time to open the rest of the kitchen cabinets! BTW, this is my fault as I have been insistent on allowing him to safely have free range of our house. As the days go by, I'm slowly changing my mind.

A moment later, another temper tantrum ensues. Notice the crouched down pouting.

Trust me, our house doesn't normally have toys, towels and sippy cups laying strewn about the kitchen floor.

Cleaning up after Hurricane Tyson has led Mama and Daddy to turn to this:

I'm sure all of the other parents of toddlers can understand. :)


Lauren said...

Oh man. Ella must have what Tyson has (minus the walking). I think they're in cahoots. ::raises beer to Laura:: Let's hope this ends soon!

Mandy said...

I can definitely relate - our house never looks picked up, except between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am and does that really count? LOL :)

And the tantrums...oh the tantrums...

andrea said...

This could totally be Jake. I'm so used to the house being trashed and Jake whining while I cook dinner...I drown my sorrows in cherry pie since beer is out right now...


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