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27 July 2010

Elkhart County Fair

This past Saturday, we visited my hometown fair in Goshen, Indiana. Tyson LOVED it, especially the animal barns! He waved to the animals, petted a few of them and tried to climb in their cages. He cried when we left each barn and went to the next one. He saw pigs, goats, sheep and rabbits. We also saw a pony and a cow, but not too close. I think the fair is going to be a yearly adventure for us.

Obviously not this year, but a vintage Fair sign

Checking out the piggies:

Petting the goats:

Trying to climb in the pen with the goats. Silly boy.

I thought this goat had kind of a pretty face. Am I crazy?

I think Jessica is loving the bunny more than Tyson.

A 4H clock in the middle of the fairgrounds.
Tyson and Aunt Jessica. Well, she's not really his aunt because she's not my biological sister, but we're as close as sisters as we can be. :)

A little friend hitched a ride on Tyson's stroller for a bit.

The little man in the Ergo. I love that thing!

We had a great time, ate lots of fantastic fair food and had so much fun watching Tyson with the animals. I hope Jessica can come back for a visit again next year!


Kathy said...

cute pics!!!! did you recently redesign your blog? love the header. hadn't seen it - maybe b/c I use Reader!?


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