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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

26 January 2012

Quinn - 8 months

I'm a little late!

Weight: 17ish pounds.  She'll be weighed again at her 9m appointment.

Height: Not sure. She'll be measured again at her 9m appointment.

Size: Size 2 diaper.  Wearing 6-9m clothes in brands that have them.  She's still not wearing the majority of her 6-12m stuff, but we're starting to creep into those sizes.  Yay!  She has a whole lotta cute stuff that she can wear.  Everything else is random.  6m onesies and Carters pjs, a few 9m Carter's pjs.  6m pants fit her best, 6-12m one-piece outfits.

Hair: Getting longer and thicker.

Teeth: 2 bottom teeth are fully through. I keep thinking more teeth are following, but none have popped through yet.

Sleeping: Sleeps in her crib for naps and bedtime. She goes down for the night between 7-8pm and wakes for the day between 6-7am. She takes 2 naps per day, one longer one in the mornings (2 hours) and a shorter one in the afternoon (1-1.5 hours).   If we catch her at the right time, naps and bedtime are a breeze.  She goes right to sleep.

Unfortunately, still waking at least once per night and only a small bottle will soothe her enough to get back to sleep. We know she can sleep through the night, but for whatever reason she cannot do it consistently.

Eating: Big news here!  She was eating 35-39oz per day + one solids feeing.  We started her on 2 solid meals each day and cut out a bottle as a result, so she's to a more reasonable 28-32oz per day. 

We also started challenging her dairy allergy and so far so good!  We did a week of 1/4 Similac Sensitive + 3/4 Alimentum and we're up to 50/50 now with no major reactions.  Woot!  I have renewed hope that we can use some of the 250+oz of frozen breastmilk. 

She's LOVING solids and feeding herself.  We went through all of the stage 1 foods and are into the stage 2 stuff + Cheerios and puffs.  I need to come up with more finger food ideas because she is starting to prefer feeding herself.  With the exception of mashed bananas, she's liked everything she's tried.   Her loathing of mashed bananas baffles me because she eats (and loves) them cut into tiny pieces.  Silly girl! 

Movement: She's army crawling and just before her 8 monthday, she started pulling up on her own.  We've had to lower her crib already.  I'm not ready for another early walker! 

Milestones:  Self feeding, pulling up, first Christmas, starting dairy.

Favorite toys/activities: Tyson still wins out for favorite toy and activity.  She is just enamored by him.  She follows him around constantly.  She also likes to play with any and all of his toys. 

Dislikes: Being hungry or tired.

Words: Chattering and screeching.  Says "ba"

I'm done with this sticker!

We love you Quinny!

14 January 2012

Our babies are growing up

Ryan gave me an iPad for Christmas and I LOVE it!   Someone else in our family loves it too. 

I was up early with Tyson and Quinn while Ryan slept in last weekend.  As I was changing Quinn's diaper, Tyson made his way downstairs by himself.  When I got to him, just a few minutes later, I found him sitting on the couch with my iPad. 

He had turned it on, unlocked it, found his way to the screen with the apps and was playing one of his games, Shapes.  Are you kidding me?  He's 2 and a half and he's already knows his way around technology?  To be fair, his nanny has an iPhone and an iPad and he's played with both, but still.  My brother warned me that I would have to share my toy with my son and he was right.  Now anytime I have it, he asks to play a game. 

Then, there's sweet just-a-few-days-shy of 8 months Quinn.  She's been standing for quite a while, but only holding on to our hands and we pull her up.  She's now figured out how to pull herself up on our ottomans.  Big girl.  :tears from mama:

And, she's figured out how to feed herself. 

They need to stop growing up so fast!


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