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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

09 September 2010

First haircut

I finally caved and agreed with Ryan that Tyson should get his first haircut. We had been discussing it for some time, but I like(d) his hair longer. Besides, it was all of his baby hair and a haircut would make him look too grown up.

My realization came as we were walking around the Marshmallow Festival in Ligonier, Indiana this past weekend. With his mullet hanging over the top of the Ergo, he fit in a little too well with the folks at the festival and I decided it was time for the big cut. No offense to the fine people of Ligonier, Indiana.

Where better to have his first haircut than the vintage barber shop where Ryan's Uncle Steve works? Uncle Steve gave Ryan all of his haircuts as a kid and he has memories of spending Saturday mornings at this shop with his dad and brother. The actual space has changed since Ryan was a kid, but evidently, they recreated the same atmosphere in their "newer" location. Same barber chairs, same floor, same number stand, etc.

A before shot of his long, luscious (albeit somewhat mullet-esque) locks:

Tyson and Grandpa being silly in their lighted glasses.

He was not content to sit by himself on the booster, so he sat on Daddy's lap the entire time. Getting ready for the cut:

He did great! No crying and only minimal wiggling. It's a good thing that we had snacks on hand, because they kept him quite content.

Look at that long, sweet baby hair.

Whatcha lookin' at?

Getting close to being done, but first, more snacks!

hellooo mama.

This face was directed at Grandma. Who knows what kind of silliness she was saying at the moment, but he was not impressed. Just give me my snacks!

The final trims. . .

And ta-da! No longer a baby. Doesn't he look so grown up all of a sudden? Grandma kept saying that she would just tape all of his hair back on his little head.

Still in need of snacks.

A certificate makes the event official. :)


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