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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

29 August 2010

Reggie and Jaime's Ladybug Baby Shower

Yesterday, Ryan and I hosted a couple's baby shower for his brother Reggie and sister-in-law, Jaime. They're expecting their first child, a little girl, in October. We had a blast and I hope Reggie and Jaime enjoyed themselves as well. We can't wait for Tyson to meet his little cousin!

I can't thank my Mama enough for helping me pull the day off. It wouldn't have been possible without her. Beware, lots of photos ahead!

Banner over the gift table:

Diaper cake that I made:

Ladybug book for the cake topper. Perfect.

Cupcakes with edible sugar ladybugs. Delicious!

The centerpieces for the tables were black buckets I found at Target, filled with bright green tissue paper and "cupcake toppers".

I was so glad to find a place for my cute green and white striped vase. Thanks for the suggestion Mom!

I couldn't find place card holders that would work, so I bought these 70 cent ladybugs at Hobby Lobby. I hot-glued a mini clothespin to hold the cards and a little block to the back for weight and support. I *heart* them.

Us with the guests of honor:

Our little munchkin. He napped through the majority of the festivities.

We had a great time!

20 August 2010

Playing Catch Up

Somebody has been a little behind on blogging and unloading photos.

Last weekend, we met up with Ryan's fraternity brother and his two boys at a park near our house. We tried to go to Bouncer Town, but quickly discovered that it had gone out of business. The park was a great find, though! Great toddler-friendly equipment, lots of shade and a nice fence around the entire play area. Ryan appreciated the rubber mulch and he has said that he now wants that stuff everywhere because it felt so good on his bad back.

Tyson wasn't so sure of the slide. He went down it a few times, but as you can see, he gets a bit more hesitant each time. Oh, and for my photog friends, most of these were taken in full manual. I'm so proud of myself!

Mama, I'm not so sure about this . . .

Toys at my level. Perfect.

We visited the Indiana State Fair. I took several photos, but the majority of them did not turn out for various reasons. Lighting, camera shake, out of focus. I had it all. Too bad because we had a really nice time. Tyson loved the animals and it was nice that he got to spend time with all of his grandparents at the same time. He's a lucky boy to have his grandparents so close!

Ryan and I had to share a lemon shake-up :)

Tyson and I went on a playdate today at a splash park. He *loved* it! The puddles were much more exciting than the actual sprinkler pad. Mama got to visit with some other mamas and Tyson got to play with lots of kids his own age. I didn't have my camera out much due to the watery conditions, so I don't have many photos at all. The little man was worn out and quickly fell asleep in the less than 10 minute drive home.

Brooke (our nanny) and I took the babies to the pool this afternoon. It was quite nice to be there today since the neighborhood kids are back in school. The pool was quiet and we had the entire baby pool to ourselves.
Lauryn and Tyson. She constantly takes whatever Tyson has in his hands, whether it be toys, sippy cups or anything else and he just lets her. Such a little gentleman already :)
Oh, and I'm a cheater. These pics were taken in (gasp!) Auto. I always overexpose in full sun and since it was really bright, I stuck with Auto.

Oh, and molar #4 has popped through so I'm pretty sure that officially makes 5 new teeth in 5 weeks (up to a total of 12) with very little difference in Tyson's demeanor. How did we get so lucky?

07 August 2010

15 Months!

Dear Tyson-

You're 15 months old today! Already 1/4 of the way through your second year. Time is FLYING.

You are growing so quickly and Mama and Daddy think you change everyday. Just this month, three of your molars have popped through. We think the fourth one is on the way, but it is still hiding. That makes 10 teeth total. Speaking of teeth, you love to brush yours! Mama starts, but you like to finish up the toothbrushing by yourself. You are back to wearing bibs everyday because you drool so much, so there must be more teeth ready to pop through.

Just this month, you have become so independent and you understand so much of what we say. The list of things you understand could go on and on. You still only have the same three words you had before, but you babble so much that we know we'll be able to understand more of your words very soon. One of your most favorite things to do is push buttons. You have to push the buttons on the alarm key pad, the refrigerator, the garage door opener and the thermostat. Mama and Daddy can hardly walk past one of these things without you having your little finger ready to press the buttons! You have also learned how to blow kisses and it is just.too.cute!

We have moved you up to a size 4 diaper. That means you're growing big and strong! Even though we know you are growing, your appetite seems to change from day to day. One day, I swear you are a bottomless pit and the next day you hardly eat anything. Right now, you like biting into things so mama has been cutting your food into strips instead of little bits and pieces.

It has been so hot this month that we have not been able to spend too much time oustide, even though you LOVE being outdoors! We have been to the lake a bunch and even took a trip to the fair. We also celebrated your great grandpa's 96th birthday. Even though everyone offered, you refused to eat the cake or ice cream. You also got to meet your Uncle Tom. He had a pretty quick visit, but hopefully we'll have a longer visit with him sometime soon.

Daddy is still your favorite person by far. You can spend hours watching him working in the yard and you follow him around the house. Wherever Daddy goes, Tyson wants to go too. Happy 15 months sweet pea!

Love, Mama and Daddy

Mama has been slacking on the blog posts this week, so I'll just recap the entire week. First off, celebrating Tyson's Great Grandpa Fred's 96th Birthday:

Uncle Steve and Ryan:

Tyson and Grandma H:

Tyson talking with his Great Great Aunts Minnie and Bernadine:

The birthday boy!

Making silly faces at mama:

Watching Daddy work outside in the yard:

Helping mama in the kitchen:

The 15 month old man:


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