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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

28 July 2008

We ordered our granite countertops!

So exciting! It's our first major renovation project to our house, everything else has been cosmetic updates. This time, we're tearing something out and replacing with brand new!

Drum roll please....our new granite (not the exact slab, of course), but here's the color, Ouro Brazil up close:

Isn't it lovely?

18 July 2008

Decisions, Decisions.

We have a little bit of extra money right now set aside to work on some home improvement projects. The problem is, we can't decide what to do!

Option #1: Replace our current laminate kitchen countertops with something else...Corian (not Ryan's vote), natural stone, engineered stone, or something called Granicrete. It's similar to a faux finish for your countertops made to look like granite.

Along with option #1, I would like to install new recessed lighting in the kitchen and possibly install a cream subway tile or cream beadboard backsplash.

Our actual cabinets:

Backsplash Choice #1 (with countertops similar in color to photo #2):

Backsplash Choice #2:

Option #2: Build walls in our basement to section off a new storage area and Ryan's gym. The problem with option #2 is that I would also want to replace the basement carpeting, repaint the horrid red paint job that the previous owners did and install a bar. That would take us WAY over budget.


17 July 2008

The New Pottery Barn Catalog

Wow...there are some really great items in the new Pottery Barn catalog and some really terrible ones too. I can't be the only person in the world that thinks the Shelton Collection is positively hideous!

Anyway, on to my favorites:

The Brooks Slipcovered Chair with the Serafina Floral pattern. Too bad that the chair is $729.00. Regardless of the price, I doubt Ryan will find it as beautiful as I do! Maybe I'll just have to buy the accent pillows with that fabric...

I think it would be beautiful in my office with my new black desk and the current wall color, Artichoke by Sherwin Williams:

The Harrington Floor Lamp is just stunning and would be perfect for my bedroom.

I'm also really loving this green swirl rug for my soon-to-be completed new work office:

I adore these funky black and white pinecone print chair cushions. They are super fun and I think they would be perfect for our kitchen chairs! The ones we have now, despite being completely functional, they are cream and completely covered with Baxter's black fur. Since we can't get rid of our sweet Baxter, the cushions may be soon out the door!

This Black & White striped pitcher is adorable and would go beautifully in my kitchen hutch. Besides that, it's a steal at $29!

My wishlist is only a mere $1,440 plus tax. I guess I'll just keep dreaming about it...

11 July 2008

Design/Decor help for my new work office

I get to decorate my new work office when the space is completed, so I'm in the process of gathering some ideas and I'd love some input!

Keep in mind that I'm a family law attorney, so I want something comfortable for my clients but still chic and representative of my personal style. I'm not a huge fan of super modern or contemporary furnishings.

The space is loft-like with high (10'+), exposed ductwork ceilings. It also has nearly floor to ceiling windows that fill up an entire wall. I doubt that I will have many options for window treatments without spending a small fortune, due to the size and height of the windows. The woodwork will be very dark, with cream trim and the walls will be a light mocha color. I love Ballard Designs, as evidenced from my prior posts. I have enough room for a large desk, a few chairs and probably a credenza or console table or two.

Any suggestions for me...colors, furniture, decor?

08 July 2008

Fun...shamelessly stolen from another blogger

i am: blessed.
i think: i should go to bed.
i know: that I am loved.
i want: a vacation.
i have: the most amazing husband in the world.
i wish: to be free of my student loans.
i hate: bad drivers.
i miss: the buzz of the City.
i fear: death of any of my loved ones.
i feel: that I am right where I should be.
i hear: thunder.
i smell: like shampoo.
i crave: diet coke.
i search: for the perfect bookcases for my office.
i wonder: what I would do if I won the lottery.
i regret: not buying that Damask chair I loved at Pier1.
i ache: for more downtime.
i care: a little too much for other people.
i always: tip well for good service.
i am not: a pessimist.
i believe: in kindness.
i dance: whenever I hear a great song.
i sing: terribly and only to my husband with my faux microphone.
i cry: at movies, when my feelings are hurt, when i hurt for others
i don't always: pay enough attention.
i fight: fair.
i write: too much. emails, text messages, this blog, all day at work.
i never: go without a seatbelt.
i stole: this idea from another blogger.
i listen: to just about anything.
i need: a pedicure.
i am happy about: my future.

So late!

I'm embarrassed to admit that it's been nearly a month since I last wrote here...my life in a nutshell in the last month:

1. My husband and I both started new jobs
2. I see Ryan now more than ever and we're both taking some time to get to know each other again
3. We've been to the lake for 3 weekends and it's been wonderful each and every visit
4. I've seen Sex and the City twice
5. I have spent a few days in Louisville
6. I spent a few more days in Chicago catching up with great friends
7. Baxter is still as lazy as ever
8. My house could use a good cleaning
9. I have hardly seen my house except to sleep
10. I have made some really great new friends
11. I bought a few new things for the house and some new summer clothes for myself
12. I decided to start a food diary
13. I am exhausted.


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