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This is our life with our little man, born May 2009 and our sweet daughter, born May 2011.

28 April 2008


I am a self-proclaimed speeder. It's true. I speed constantly, but today I got caught.

48 mph in a 35 mph zone and I got a ticket. It's only my second speeding ticket, but the first one that I will actually have to pay. It will be at least a $125.00 fine, but if I want to lower my insurance rates (which I do!), I really should do the diversion program, which ups the fine to nearly double, but it does not go on your permanent record if you avoid getting another ticket in 6 months. This right after Ryan and I had a big discussion about our budget last night. Sorry Ryan. :(

21 April 2008

Let the Battle begin!

I'm talking about the awful dandelions. Grr.

We, thanks to our previous owners, have one of the worst lawns in our neighborhood. A neighborhood where people REALLY care about their yards. Apparently, (after confirmation from our neighbors) when the previous couple actually lived together, the husband kept the yard immaculate. It was a thick, lush, green lawn without a hint of a weed. Then, one summer came and went with the wife living in our house without the husband. All it takes is one summer to turn the yard into a den of weeds, especially on a 3 year old lawn.

Now, we're trying our hardest (I promise neighbors we are really trying!) to eradicate the weeds. Between me and Ryan, we dug out 4 grocery bags of dandelions in two days and those were just the ones we could see! Those little devils pop up as soon as the sun shines.

One day I hope for our lawn to return to it's prior glory. Until then, we will batttle, one little yellow dandelion at a time.

Photo courtesy of Corbis.

19 April 2008

Earthquake in Indianapolis?

Yep! At around 5:40 am on Friday morning, I was rudely startled by the sound of a rattling vase on top of the armoire in my bedroom. What could that noise possibly be? Ah, an earthquake in Indiana. Of course!

Totally bizarre, but I can now say that have experienced an earthquake. I didn't even have to leave Indiana for that one. :)

16 April 2008

5 Things I Want Now.

1. A new pair of black peep-toe heels. I had a great pair last summer, but I loved them so much I wore them out by wearing them everyday.

2. Bookcases for my office. I've already lusted over the Set of three Tuscan bookcases from Ballard Designs and they are still my #1 favorite. I just can't find anything else I like better!

3. Some fun new cheap summer tops. Something that I won't feel guilty about spending some money on, even if I hate my choices by fall.

4. A good pedicure. I need to treat myself soon, otherwise no one will be seeing my feet despite 70 degree temps!

5. A vacation. Cancun would be nice...or anywhere just for a few days with the husband.

Work, work, work.

Ryan and I have both been overwhelmed with work lately. He's been traveling to 4 states virtually every week while I have been consumed with my old clients, several new clients and some of my coworker's clients while she is on maternity leave. Not to mention my activities. It's becoming too much for both of us!

We thought about escaping to the lake for the weekend, just to get away from everything for a little while. It looks like our the nice weather we were expecting for this weekend is not going to happen, so we may just try to relax at home.

It's funny how work is always dead or super busy. We just can't win!

10 April 2008

The Search for a Hat.

I just joined the Indianapolis Junior League and I am officially a Provisional Member! I'm really looking forward to getting to know my new coworker a little better (we joined together) and meeting all kinds of new and interesting women.

Our first event is the Gala, which happens to be held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby, May 3. It is a big event with cute summery dresses, Derby hats and mint juleps! What more could you want? :)

Unless you have been to the Kentucky Derby (which I sadly have not), one cannot completely understand the traditions. As a result, I turned to Wikipedia for information on the historic race as well as its historic traditions. I had no idea that the race started in 1875!

Armed with my newfound Wikipedia knowledge, THE most important accessory for a Derby party is the Hat. The search is on! The fine art of hat-making, decorating and embellishing is called millinery (don't I sound smart?). While stunning creations, these hats are expensive! I have found some online upwards of $400. Four Hundred Dollars for a hat. For the sake of my bank account and saving my marriage, I have been smartly directed to Ebay to view the fine millinery.

I have not committed to the dress I will be wearing, but it will either be a red and white seersucker strapless dress or a black and white flowered sundress. I've narrowed my search down to these choices (not to be Mr. Obvious but red for the red dress, black for the black and white dress). Without the benefit of seeing the dresses, I'd love your opinions on these choices:

07 April 2008

Time to Decorate the Office

Ryan and I picked up my birthday gift on Saturday. My World Market Konrad desk finally arrived! It looks a little small, but it's actually a pretty substantial desk, measuring 60" wide x 28" deep x 30" high. Here's a refresher pic of the desk, mine is without the hutch on top:

I have my eye on this chair from Pier 1, either as the desk chair or using two chairs in front of the desk as accent chairs. What do you think?

So, now I must find bookshelves! I have my eye on these bookshelves from Ballard Designs, but Ryan has already said no because they're too expensive, at $1600 plus tax and shipping. :( A girl can dream, though, right?

03 April 2008

A New Era for IU Basketball!


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